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27 websites seized for illegal movie downloading

The criminal court of Rome seized 27 websites for copyright breach as through such websites it was possible to illegally download the movie A Monster in Paris.

Italian copyright law sanctions with criminal penalties the illegal broadcasting of copyright protected works and the blocking of the access to websites through the filtering of domain names and DNS is becoming more and more a measure adopted by Italian courts against copyright breaches occurring on the Internet and indeed we recently reported that same blocking had been enforced against websites illegally streaming football matches. The seizure of the 27 websites represents the largest seizure of Internet contents performed in a western country.
It is arguable that the DNS blocking is an effective measure since it might be easily by-passed as some of the above mentioned websites have already reacted against the blocking changing their domain name. We will see whether courts will introduce more stringent measures against copyright breaches over the Internet, but at the same time a legal battle is ongoing because some of the seized websites deem disproportionate the measure enacted against them for a single illegal file arguing that the seizure prevented the access to considerable services and contents that on the contrary are legal.  
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