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No new taxes on online gaming in Italy

There will be No additional taxes on online gaming in Italy according to what declared by the director general of the Italian gambling authority, Mr. Luigi Magistro, at the online gaming conference organized by the European Social and Economic Committee.

Mr. Magistro took a very wise position stating that the taxation in the online gaming sector needs to be low because this might be the sole effective measure against the competition from unlicensed operators. A low taxation may as a consequence be the most effective measure to push operators to comply with the Italian online gaming regulations.


Additionally, an increase in the taxation in the online sector would not bring relevant advantages to the entries of the State if it is considered that they represent only 2.2% of the tax entries generated from the gaming sector. Therefore, even a potential tax increase would not lead to a major advantage for the Italian Treasury.


Needless to say that this is a very good sign for the Italian online gaming market where rumors of tax increases have always been around. Also, it is good that Mr. Magistro stressed the need to limit as much as possible the competition from unlicensed operators in order to create a regulatory environment where all the operators act according to the same rules. Hopefully this speech will be followed by stringent measures against unlicensed operators.


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