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We covered issues connected to liability clauses, termination clausesSLAs and penalty/liquidated damages clausesforum selection and applicable law clausesintellectual property clauses in outsourcing agreements, but I thought that we had to review data protection / privacy clauses which are vital for outsourcing agreements involving the flow of data between different entities located worldwide that trigger major data protections issues .

Time to speed up privacy complianceThe Italian Data Protection Authority sanctioned two major information services companies and a telecom operator with an aggregate fine of € 800,000 for breach of orders issued against them for breach of privacy regulations.As part of prior audit of the Italian data protection authority, it appeared that the two information services companies had created and sold databases with details (e.g. telephone number, email address and postal address) of million of people collecting information from public phone directories....

The Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) after a long consultation has finally published its decision on the measures to be taken in case of data breaches by telecom and Internet operators implementing the Directive 2009/136/CE.Telephone and internet service providers shall notify the DPA of any breach of personal data stored in electronic databases or manual archives within 24 hours from the discovery of the event providing details on the breach such as types of data involved, processing systems affected, place...

Rules on cookies in Italy implementing the E-Cookies Directive in Italy requiring the prior consent from users to the installation of cookies on their PCs were meant to be followed by guidelines from the Italian Data Protection Authority (the "DPA") identifying the most efficient and practical ways to implement such obligation. For this purpose the DPA has now launched a consultation.