“Only” 8 New Casinos?

I had discussed in a previous post about the draft law decree filed by Ms. Brambilla, the Italian Ministry of the Tourism, allowing the opening of casinos in all the Italian five stars hotels. This law proposal have been highly criticized also because according to the press it would have led to very limited benefits in the tourism sector, while it might become very dangerous for citizens.
The Italian members of the Parliament seem to have now lowered their targets. Indeed, the proposal recently filed by Mr. Pastorio and Mr. Brunetta prescribes the opening of “only” 8 new casinos that shall be located in towns where there are already in place hotels, restaurants and other services able to meet the tourists’ demands which – according to the promoters of such law – are likely to substantially increase as a direct consequence of the opening of a casino.
It is difficult to assess the reliability of these law proposals considering that a number of law proposals regarding the opening of new casinos have already been issued in the past and none of them has eventually passed.
In any case, if any of these proposals pass, it will be interesting to see whether such new casinos will be still managed by the local municipalities – as occurs with the current 4 Italian casinos – or they will become a new business opportunity for private gaming operators.

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Giulio Coraggio

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