Still too early for mobile gaming?

The other day after having lost the tenth online auction because of the Internet connection speed of my smartphone, I started thinking about mobile gaming, mobile payments and how difficult is still to purchase an item on an e-commerce website using a smartphone. Despite the considerable increase of the number of smartphones in Italy (we are one of the countries with the highest percentage of mobiles per citizen), the  technologies dedicated to mobiles do not still allow players to use their phone just as they use their lap top.
What is the most relevant issue? Does it just depend on the Internet connection speed? When will we be able to play online poker using our smartphone without being worried of potential problems with our Internet connection?
My impression is that gaming operators will shortly enter in the mobile business becoming  MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) and the first player on the market that will make this move will attract a number of players. For instance, let’s think about the time we spend travelling on a train or waiting for someone, this time might be spent to place bets or to play to our favorite online skill games.
MVNOs are mobile operators that do not own their mobile network, but use the network of other operators. They are not very popular at the moment in Italy, but the development of  technologies dedicated to the gaming sector and the possibility to use the mobile networks of other operators (without bearing the costs of setting such network) might be open an interesting new market for gaming operators.
Considering the fast growth of the Italian gaming market I would not be surprised if some operators will follow a similar approach in the next months.

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Giulio Coraggio

I am the head of the Italian Technology sector and the global head of the IoT and Gaming and Gambling groups at the world-leading law firm DLA Piper. IoT and artificial intelligence influencer and FinTech and blockchain expert, finding solutions to what's next for our clients' success.

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