What are the benefits of an Italian Gaming License?

As a consequence of the next issuance of new gaming licenses by the Italian Gaming Authority, some foreign gaming operators asked me…, what are the benefits of an Italian gaming license?
Well, the answer is…: without an Italian gaming license an operator cannot offer its games to Italian residents!
Indeed, regardless of the fact that an operator already holds a gaming license in an European or non-European country, the offer of games to Italian residents in absence of an Italian gaming license is sanctioned with the imprisonment up to 3 years. Moreover, the Italian Gaming Authority has obliged Internet Service Providers to put in place filters that block the access by Italian residents to non-licensed gaming websites. Therefore, Italian residents are not able to access to non-licensed websites, but if they try to do so a white page with the logo of the Italian gaming authority will be displayed on their screens. 
Furthermore, since Italian criminal law sanctions with the imprisonment up to 3 months also the advertising to the benefit of Italian residents of non-licensed websites, an additional benefit of holding an Italian gaming license is that the website would be able to actually perform marketing and advertising activities to the benefit of Italian residents.
The benefits deriving from an Italian gaming license will increase more and more in the next months since in March 2010 operators will be able to launch online cash games and casino games. Indeed, the new licenses granted by the Italian gaming authority will cover the following online games:
  • skill games,
  • tournament and solitaire poker games,
  • cash poker games,
  • casino games;
  • fixed odd and totalisator sports, horse and other events betting,
  • horse pools and
  • bingo.

The Italian gaming market is already the largest European gaming market, but since its opening up is still recent and there might be potentialities for a further growth. If you need assistance on obtaining an Italian gaming license, feel free to contact me, Giulio Coraggio.

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