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Top articles of the May 2014!

newsletter May 2014

Top articles of the May 2014!

For those that might have missed some interesting articles on my blog, below are the most popular posts for May 2014 – I hope you will enjoy them!

Bitcoin currency – real, virtual or illegal currency? – There have been lots of discussions around bitcoin, but what are the legal hurdles to their usage?

Top 5 takeaways on telemedicine and eHealth – Telemedicine and eHealth are expected to generate € 60 billion in the next years. A very interesting and fast growing sector with some legal boundaries.

Venice casino bidding failed, but is good news? – The failure of the bidding process for the sale of Venice casino might create new opportunities for late comers at more fair sale conditions.

Internet of Things – your kitchen will know everything about you! – The Internet of Things will certainly change our lives. The collection of Big Data that already triggers some concerns will further increase with pros and cons.

Brazil World Cup Guidelines – watch your ads! – The upcoming World Cup might create new marketing opportunities but the stringent approach from FIFA and national teams pushes advertisers to be more cautious.

Outsourcing agreements in the insurance sector – what you cannot forget! – Insurance law regulatory restrictions put additional obligations and formalities to be followed in outsourcing agreements.

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