Best 10 Tech Posts of 2015

IoT, privacy, 3D printing and rules for WhatsApp and Skype among the best technology posts of 2015 of this blog listed to celebrate the just passed year.

Here is the top 10 of the blog posts of 2015

  1. Internet of Things needs privacy by design

    In a period of uncertainty as to obligations applicable to IoT devices, a privacy by design approach is the sole available protection against potential liabilities.

  2. Top 3 legal issues of 3D printing

    3D printers generate massive opportunities of exploitation, but at the same time can lead to copyright breaches, product liability risks and potential privacy violations.

  3. BREAKING NEWS – EU Privacy Reform Agreed

    The upcoming EU privacy regulation with oblige both European and non-European companies to considerably change their current approach to privacy compliance with potential fines up to 4% of the global turnover.

  4. Remote monitoring of employees – Now Easier?

    The new Italian Jobs Act regulations introduce more flexible regulations for technologies aimed at monitoring employees remotely, including IoT technologies, but the legal scenario remains still uncertain.

  5. IoTItaly – for the future of the Internet of Thing in Italy

    The plan by the European Commission to regulate the IoT makes even more essential the cooperation by the industry through the association IoTItaly.

  6. Big Data and IoT – a match with troubles…

    The collection of large amount of data such as big data through IoT technologies triggers some risks that cannot be underestimated especially because of new privacy regulations.

  7. The Internet of Things will “rock” the retail sector

    The retail market is going to face a revolution due to the usage of IoT technologies, but this shift will lead to privacy, cyber security and potential liability issues.

  8. Sites ready new privacy cookies rules?

    Italian cookies regulations are considerably different from those adopted by other EU countries and require additional efforts to sites.

  9. WhatsApp and Skype regulated in Italy?

    The recent consultation of the Italian communications authority suggests the possible introduction of regulations aimed at governing instant messaging services.

  10. Big Data is the money maker in the IoT

    The real value of data collected through IoT technologies is often underestimated. This is an incredible resource for any company, but their processing leads to considerable potential legal risks.

I wish a great 2016 to all of you!


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