Top 5 gaming predictions for 2017

It was a very interesting year for the gaming market that is setting very high expectations for 2017 and here are my predictions. What are yours?After the 2015 and 2016 edition of my top 5 predictions, here is the 2017 edition:

1. International poker sharing liquidity will happen

After years of delay, it seems that 2017 will be the good year for poker international sharing liquidity. The great news is that also the UK is expected to be included in the international liquidity which will open the liquidity to the whole .COM market. I don’t know whether this will suffice to re-boast online poker, but it will certainly help.

2. There will be an acceleration in local online gaming regulations

If international online poker liquidity happens, it will be the first time that an arrangement between European gaming regulators is translated in actual benefits in terms of increased offering. This scenario might put some pressure on other European gaming regulators such as those of Germany and the Netherlands to speed up the adoption of their online gaming regulations to avoid to remain behind the pack of other European countries.

3. Italian online gaming licenses will be awarded

I have been talking about that for many months so far. But, despite of the current political uncertainty, any further delay is quite unlikely in the award of new online gaming license which should happen before the summer 2017 at the latest.

4. Privacy compliance will be a priority in operators’ to-do list

The EU General Data Protection Regulation will introduce sanctions up to 4% of the global turnover of the breaching entity. This would be a massive amount in the case of gaming operators. In a market where the customization of the gaming offering and profiling are becoming exponentially relevant, a considerable amount of work will have to be done in order to comply with the terms of the European privacy regulation which introduces obligations that are completely new.

5. Differentiation and innovation will be the keywords in the gaming sector

The gaming offering is becoming very similar between gaming operators which is leading to the loss of young generations. eSports and daily fantasy sports represent a very attractive opportunity for operators to attract new players to their platform.

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