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Privacy breakfast: The GDPR at one year from its coming into force – Are you ready?


Privacy breakfast: The GDPR at one year from its coming into force – Are you ready?

Seeking for practical tips on how to get ready to the GDPR? Let’s discuss about it at one year from its coming into force during our privacy breakfast. 

The European General Data Protection Regulation will apply from 25 May 2018, but only companies that will be able to put in place the required organizational and technical changes, will be able to benefit from its competitive advantages.

For this purpose, I am arranging with my law firm a privacy breakfast to be held in Milan during the morning of the 24th of May 2017. The aim of the breakfast is to specifically focus on the actions that companies will have to undertake to comply with the GDPR, by providing practical tips on “hot topics”, also in the light of recent guidelines of the Italian data protection authority and the opinions of the Article 29 Working Party and based on our experience accrued so far.

There are limited available places. In order to register and obtain more information, it is possible to send an email to

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