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Free Prize Promotions Laws Around the World from DLA Piper

DLA Piper has published a new version of prize promotions rules of the main jurisdictions worldwide

The DLA Piper Prize Promotions Laws Around the World is now published in a new edition with more countries and always a free version accessible from our minisite.

After the success of the previous editions, we now launched the 4th edition of the Prize Promotions Laws Around the World guide that has been expanded to cover 39 jurisdictions which count among the most significant for our clients, with the addition of Denmark, Hungary, Nigeria, and Turkey.

The DLA Piper global advertising and marketing team worked extensively to give more practical insights and collaborated with top-ranked best friend law firms for the countries where we don’t have an office. Also, the minisite is now much more interactive and more comfortable to access and compare prize promotions laws of different jurisdictions.

We are proud of the result, and I hope you will find useful. We created it having in mind in-house legal counsels covering multiple jurisdictions and seeking an outline of the applicable regime with a few information that goes straight to the point of interest.

The contents are available for free at the link HERE and feel free to send me any feedback on that.

Also, bear in mind that the position of Italian authorities on international online prize promotions recently changed (Read on the topic “International online prize promotions get the green light in Italy?“) which created a substantial opportunity to escape from a burdensome regime, if the company running the promotion is established in a different EU Member State.

On the same topic, you can find interesting the article “How to do influencer marketing right!” covering one of the hottest topics at the moment regarding advertising law. We see significant investigations and disputes in all the main jurisdictions as to promotions claims and initiatives from influencers that are not clearly recognizable as such.

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I am the head of the Italian Technology sector and the global head of the IoT and Gaming and Gambling groups at the world-leading law firm DLA Piper. IoT and artificial intelligence influencer and FinTech and blockchain expert, finding solutions to what's next for our clients' success.

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