New Italian sports betting rules bring major improvements

The new Italian sports betting rules have been adopted, introducing considerable changes to ensure a better offering by licensed operators.

New Italian sports betting rules applicable to both betting shops and online licensed operators have now been adopted, and below is a short outline of the main introduced changes:

  1. The types of bets and events that can be offered need to be part of the official list published by the Italian gambling authority, but operators can propose events to be included in the list -> It can appear to be a step back to the past, but we shall see how ADM will handle the proposals from operators that remain those in charge to check the actual result of events;
  2. Palpable errors in the odds are no longer a business risk to be accepted by operators, but ADM will assess them according to a procedure to be set up with an ADM decree -> This issue was a significant gap in the Italian licensing regime, and fraudsters were leveraging it, we shall see how ADM will deal with such disputes;
  3. The cash-out functionality allowing operators to offer players the anticipated payment of part of the winning before the last event occurs is finally allowed -> We will see how players will welcome this functionality that has been waiting for a long time;
  4. New types of bonuses will be introduced through an ADM decree -> Also, this innovation is expected to spice up the offering by licensed operators.  The actual challenge will be to ensure transparency towards players;
  5. The maximum winning is increased from € 10,000 to € 50,000, and ADM is empowered to further periodically amend the amount -> Players are likely to find such a change attractive.

These changes aim to update outdated regulations and make the Italian licensed offering more competitive to fight against foreign licensed operators’ offerings.

The effective date of the new Italian sports betting regulations is October 28, 2022.  But we wonder whether ADM will be able to put in place the technical changes to the communication protocols in time for that date.  Likewise, operators might take time to update their systems to these new regulations that, in any case, should be welcomed.

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