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As part of the European Online Gaming conference, I will give a presentation in London on Monday 2 February 2015 named "Digital currency: Safe or Risky for Players and Regulators?" where I will mainly discuss about the legal issues for gambling operators, regulators and players in relation to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The presentation will touch some of the legal issues relating to Bitcoin that I had covered in this post looking at the broader picture and with specific reference to...

Bitcoin and its potential usage as part of money laundering crimes as well as of crimes associated with terrorism has been the subject of concerns raised by the UIF, the harm of the Bank of Italy dedicated, among others, to receive anti-money laundering reports of suspicious transactions.  But the reaction from other Governments and e-commerce operators are different.

Issues affecting Bitcoin and gaming are becoming a very frequent topic of discussion since a number of gaming websites decided to allow Bitcoin transactions.  Even relevant gambling regulators decided to take actions to protect both operators and players in case of Bitcoin transactions to set a friendly environment where such virtual currency can be used.  However, the usage of Bitcoin leads to potential gaming law issues as well as non-gaming related issues.