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On Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT, I will be talking at a webinar arranged by the Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers on on Identity Privacy and Data Protection in the Cloud where we will cover the most crucial legal and business issues in cloud project under the perspective of US, African and European laws.The webinar is absolutely free and you can register here or send an email to me, Giulio Coraggio, also follow me on Twitter and...

We covered issues connected to liability clauses, termination clausesSLAs and penalty/liquidated damages clausesforum selection and applicable law clausesintellectual property clauses in outsourcing agreements, but I thought that we had to review data protection / privacy clauses which are vital for outsourcing agreements involving the flow of data between different entities located worldwide that trigger major data protections issues .

Implications of forum selection and applicable law clauses are often underestimated, but they become a major issue when outsourcing agreements have to be enforced. After having discussed about liabilitytermination and SLAs and penalty clauses, we will review the most often issues connected with such clauses.