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Call for guest posts

 guest post

I have decided to open my blog to guest posts from thought leaders, influencers and experts in the technology and gaming areas to be will be published in the section “Thought Leaders’ Corner” that you can find on the homepage and on all the articles’ pages of the blog.

If you are interested in contributing to my blog, below is the applicable policy

  1. I will only accept guest posts from authors that have a proven track record in their area as the Thought Leaders’ Corner is meant to be a “think tank” for new ideas from experts in the technology and gaming sectors;
  2. No posts published for marketing purposes will be accepted;
  3. The contents of the post need to be updated, of very good quality and appealing for the audience of the blog. I will assess at my discretion what contents are suitable and the main delivery of an article to me would not imply my commitment to publish it;
  4. I reserve to edit the contents and the title of the posts at my discretion in order to make them compliant with the approach adopted on the blog;
  5. I will not create an account on the blog for the guest authors, the articles will be published as guest posts according to the schedule of publications of the blog;
  6. I will add in the article the links to the author’s blog (if any) as well as his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, but no links to other marketing material will be included; and
  7. The authors has to commit to promote the article on social media and engage in the discussions (if any) around their articles.

If you are fine with the above policy, please send me your articles to

Thank you!