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DLA Piper’s PRISCA AI Compliance: Assessing Artificial Intelligence’s Compliance Effortlessly

Over the past months, businesses have recognized the immense potential of artificial intelligence.

They understand that missing out on these opportunities could jeopardize their future prospects.  However, they also acknowledge that, along with these opportunities come intricate legal challenges due to numerous complex regulations and potential risk of claims and sanctions.  The scrutiny from authorities towards AI solutions has also intensified, exemplified by the recent suspension order the Italian data protection authority issued against OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Simultaneously, businesses express concerns about:

1. The costs associated with comprehensive legal analysis covering all AI-related legislation.
2. The length and complexity of legal memoranda, which can often be challenging for businesses to understand and implement.

To address these concerns, we at DLA Piper developed PRISCA AI Compliance.  PRISCA is engineered to assess the conformity of AI solutions with legal regulations and ISO standards, ensuring cost-effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and objectivity. Our distinct weighted scoring algorithm generates an in-depth yet user-friendly report.

This report evaluates the AI’s compliance with various regulations and technical standards, encompassing privacy and GDPR rules, intellectual property, AI laws (including the EU AI Act), ISO standards, and more. It is designed to protect our clients’ business ventures from potential pitfalls, empowering them to maximize the benefits of artificial intelligence.  Furthermore, PRISCA’s report can serve as a crucial tool for businesses in the development of AI solutions and can be presented to regulators, potential disputants, and during contract negotiations.  It’s built to safeguard any business against potential challenges, enabling you to fully exploit the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence.

No matter the role of a business is within the AI landscape – be it as a user, provider, importer, or distributor – PRISCA AI Compliance serves as a critical support pillar. It steers your operations towards compliance, empowering your business to step forward confidently into the era of Artificial Intelligence.

If you wish to learn more, watch the video of the presentation of DLA Piper’s PRISCA AI Compliance, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your primary DLA Piper contact or send us an e-mail at With DLA Piper’s PRISCA AI Compliance, your business can unlock the power of AI safely and responsibly.

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