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This month I had the pleasure to interview for my law firm's fashion law magazine Law à la Mode, Davide Viganò, the CEO of Heapsylon, the creators of the wearable technology Sensoria Fitness that might change the Internet of Things sector! Davide is a very interesting person and is Italian (which is even better!) living in Seattle, I hope you will enjoy the interview.

A draft document on new data protection model clauses for transfers of personal data from European Union data processors to non-EU sub-processors has been approved by the Article 29 Working Party setting an important milestone on data protection issues for projects triggering the transfer of personal data outside Europe making life easier for outsourcing agreements and cloud projects.

The UK Gambling Commission published an updated version of its FAQs, providing updated guidance to the industry in relation to a variety of questions that both we, and the industry generally, have been asking. One key aspect that is addressed is the Commission’s requirements in relation to "grey markets" to be met in order to apply for a UK gambling licence.