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ai act approvedDo you need to know the essentials of the EU AI Act in a short and easy to read and remember format?

My great DLA Piper‘s legal design colleagues Deborah Paracchini and Enila Elezi turned my original article into a very compelling piece that provides all the fundamental elements of the AI Act.

You can find here a Summary of the AI Act Finalized.



Also, below are some articles that review the most relevant provisions of the EU AI Act:

  1. Are you a Provider or a Deployer under the EU AI Act?
  2. AI Act – What Is the Scope of the TDM Copyright Exception?

  3. What is the Fundamental Rights Impact Assessment (FRIA) under the AI Act?
  4. What is the AI risk management system required by the EU AI Act?
  5. AI Act Approved, What Shall Companies Do Now?
  6. AI Regulation in Europe: Italy’s new draft AI Law introduces local peculiarities compared to the EU AI Act

Also, do you need an easy to use tool to assess compliance of artificial intelligence solutions? We have developed PRISCA AI Compliance, you can watch a video of presentation HERE and reach out to us to know more.

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