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Hi there, I am Prisca! Your chatbot as a service tool

Prisca is an artificial intelligence system, also known as a chatbot, that can help your colleagues to find the information they need easier, reducing the amount of work of in-house legal teams.

You can test for free at this page the “basic” GDPR version of Prisca, but our chatbot can cover any area of law and can be adapted to the policies and procedures of any company.

Prisca is part of our “chatbot as a service” offering which has the goal of reducing the repetitive and time-consuming work of in-house legal teams, by means of a system that in milliseconds can provide to colleagues and collaborators the right answer.

Contact us for further details and in the meantime try Prisca GDPR basic version by clicking on the blue button on the left of the screen and you can ask her something like:

  • What are biometric data?
  • When should a company appoint a DPO?
  • How do I appoint a data processor?
  • What is encryption?

Also, she can tell you all the articles of the GDPR in 0.15 seconds!

You can use her through the window that opens up in this website by clicking on the blue button, but I can be at any time in your pockets through the instant messaging platform Telegram, just searching Prisca_GDPR_Bot

This is a beta version and should be considerably improved. If you think an answer is wrong, type “wrong answer” and I’ll check it with my privacy team.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is not a DLA Piper product, has not been approved by DLA Piper and DLA Piper does not accept any liability in relation to it.

*         *          *

Please be informed that the answers provided through the chatbot (the “Service”) are not meant to be legal advice. The Service is provided for information purposes only and does not provide either a full review of the law in any jurisdiction, or constitute legal or other professional advice, or a legal opinion, and you should not rely on it as an outline of your obligations, duties or rights in respect of any issue. Any entity does not accept any liability in relation to your use of the Service. 

The Service is not meant to collect any personal data about its users. Therefore, you should not input any personal or confidential information into the Service (e.g. in the answers addressed to Prisca). You agree that your conversation may be stored for a period of 30 days and may be reviewed for the purposes of improving the Service.

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