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Gaming law disputes as to the qualification of financial bets, binary bets, spread betting and trading tournaments are more and more frequent as a consequence of the continuous growth of such market. However, the main gaming law issue is whether it can be qualified as a betting product that can offered under a gambling license or a financial product subject to finance law restrictions. 

€ 226 million of GGR achieved by the Italian online casino market in 2013 are expected to double if following the potential new approach from casino game suppliers a substantial portion of the current black market will migrate to licensed websites. And this circumstance together with the launch of additional products under the refreshed gaming law regime is creating a new interest for the Italian remote gaming market. But the process to obtain an Italian remote gaming license is more complicated than expected.

Gambling regulators of France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the UK joined last week the Italian online gambling regulator in Rome to discuss about the future of the European gambling sector that might lead to some improvements as well as some concerns especially for game suppliers.An improvement might arise from the development of common technical standards and the transfer of test results between jurisdictions in order to allow operators to rely on economies of scale given from holding a license in...