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Internet of Things

For those of you who have not been able to attend the Webinar on wearable technologies, privacy and intellectual property rights today, I have posted here¬†my presentation covering wearable technology issues and the Internet of Things. Also, if you have questions or comments on the covered topics or want to receive the recording of the presentation,¬†feel free to contact me, Giulio Coraggio ([email protected]) ¬†and as usual¬†follow me on¬†Twitter,¬†Google+¬†and become one of my friends on¬†LinkedIn.Image courtesy of Flikr by¬†Andrew Steele ...

Wearable technologies and the Internet of Things are becoming a really exciting topic and each time we review different products for clients, we find out an additional legal implication that might be relevant in the sector. After having published a post on wearable technologies and privacy and a second post on  wearable technologies in the healthcare sector with reference to eHealth technologies, I am now running a webinar organized by the Global Lawyers Association on wearable technologies, privacy and intellectual property rights.