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For those of you who have not been able to attend the Webinar on wearable technologies, privacy and intellectual property rights today, I have posted here¬†my presentation covering wearable technology issues and the Internet of Things. Also, if you have questions or comments on the covered topics or want to receive the recording of the presentation,¬†feel free to contact me, Giulio Coraggio ([email protected]) ¬†and as usual¬†follow me on¬†Twitter,¬†Google+¬†and become one of my friends on¬†LinkedIn.Image courtesy of Flikr by¬†Andrew Steele ...

Wearable technologies and the Internet of Things are becoming a really exciting topic and each time we review different products for clients, we find out an additional legal implication that might be relevant in the sector. After having published a post on wearable technologies and privacy and a second post on  wearable technologies in the healthcare sector with reference to eHealth technologies, I am now running a webinar organized by the Global Lawyers Association on wearable technologies, privacy and intellectual property rights. 

The Italian data protection authority (DPA) issued a decision introducing more stringent obligations for the transfer of data to call centers located in countries outside of the European Union such as India or the US, but also Albania that is very close to Italy and is a popular place for call centers of Italian companies.The decision is quite interesting since it regulates the frequent scenario where there is an Italian company outsourcing the call center service to a company located...

Data protection issues have become quite popular after the settlement approved by the US District Court of Northern California obliging Facebook to pay $20 million for putting users' names and faces in "Sponsored Story" ads without their permission and without paying them.  And the question is how social media companies will react to obligations imposed by European data protection laws.