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Internet liability

The Internet liability regime for hosting providers have been subject of different interpretations by courts in Italy and a new interesting position came up with the decision of the Court of Turin (Italy) involving YouTube and Google which overturned its initial decision of a few months ago introducing new principles of Internet liability for online operators.

There is no need of a web tax dedicated to digital companies according the report from the Expert Group on Taxation of the Digital Economy established by the European Commission, but the current general rules should be applied also to digital companies.  However, recent court decisions and delegation laws leave some risks open in relation to the Internet liability regime of web companies for tax purposes.

World cup guidelines on the usage of its trademarks in connection with the upcoming Brazil Football World Cup have been issued by FIFA.  These created some concerns on advertisers about to launch their marketing campaigns associated to the event.  Indeed they might have planned to display world cup trademarks, images of football players and maybe had also considered to perform ambush marketing campaigns also relevant under a gaming law perspective. 

The new Internet liability regime for Internet piracy copyright breaches in Italy is now not only into force but also enforced with the first order by the Italian communications authority (AGCOM) to Internet service providers (ISPs) to block the access to a website where movies in breach of copyright holders' rights were made available.  I previously discussed about the notice and take down procedure for copyright breaches on the Internet recently introduced in Italy.  The regulations setting out such procedure...