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Internet liability

Here are some interesting articles on Italian and international internet liability law related issues drafted by either Giulio Coraggio or the other authors of GamingTechLaw.

Web tax, not just for Google

A web tax also renamed as "Google tax" aimed at obliging foreign Internet operators to pay Italian taxes is currently subject of discussion before the Italian Parliament and has raised considerable concerns also in relation to its potential lack of compliance with EU principles of the new tax related Internet liability regime.

Yahoo! eventually won…

The Italian Court of Appeal overturned the recent decision of the Court of Rome reported in a previous post against Yahoo! on the Internet liability regime appliable to search engines relating to the alleged breach by Yahoo! of intellectual property rights through links to websites allowing the streaming view, the downloading or P2P transfer of the movie "About Elly".

Yahoo! – Internet liability for Searchable Contents

The Court of Rome has issued a decision on the Internet liability of search engines that will lead to considerable discussions. PFA Films S.r.l., as exclusive licensee of exploitation rights on the movie “About Elly” of the director Asghar Farhadi, brought an interim injunction before the Court of Rome against Google Italy S.r.l., Yahoo! Italia S.r.l. and Microsoft S.r.l. (as owner of the search engine Bing) because of the breach of their IPRs through links to websites allowing the streaming view, the downloading or P2P transfer of the movie without PFA’s consent.