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TripAdvisor has been sanctioned by the Italian competition authority (AGCM) for the misleading advertising claims relating to the truthfulness of the reviews published by their users on the site that according to the AGCM cannot be guaranteed.  This case might trigger considerable risks also for other social media and fashion blogs.

Internet liability principles are increasingly tested with the growth of social media.  And we receive a large number of requests of advice from clients running a fan page, a group or a list on social networks dedicated to either their company trademark/brand or to one of their major products in relation to the liability for the contents published on such fan pages.

Yahoo! does not have to remove the links to the copyright protected videos belonging to RTI available through the results of its video search engine since the Court of Milan held that in the provision of such service it is a caching provider rather than an active hosting provider as previously held with reference to Yahoo! Video.